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When My Heart Awakens

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January 15, 2018

I woke this morning a little after 3 AM. I scrolled through photos, scripture, and sheep in attempts to resume my slumber. I felt a gentle tug to part from my bed and to begin writing, editing, learning. 

After scooping up my dachshund-min pin mix, I circled up our metal-spiral stairs. Much to my surprise, my lively eyes traced the trails of unbroken language, spoken to paper. I wrote until the morning was nursed into maturity. Here is a small passage, that I softly share with you, reader:

When My Heart Awakens

It’s exquisite. 
It’s unique. 

Obedience opens the doors to a productivity phenomenon,  
an all-awake and oh-so-alive euphoria. 

I was able to witness the darkness turn to light—
epitomized by these pages, 
this window pane. 

Outstretched shapes silhouetted the sky, 
the sun began to leisurely rise. 

The clouds are purple now, dusted with grey. 
A glow, growing richer, deeper, warmer. 

the bare sky, 
screams its shine. 

I swell in spirit, 
as the fierce and fiery light anoints these pages. 

Apricot beams radiate into my art room, 
and moments later, 
entirely illuminates the ambience.