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Waxing Crescent


Truly a soul of sunshine, I met Peyton online through connections that I can’t fully recall, but am incredibly thankful for. She is an astounding creative and connecter, and is reckless with encouragement–it spills out all sides solely from her existence. She’s currently working on her debut poetry collection, which I was incredibly tickled to find out this week. Her work and bright personality can be further explored through her Instagram.

waxing crescent

by Peyton Elise

i haven’t seen the moon in three plus weeks,
my heart had nearly sunk. 
tonight when i saw that waxing crescent,
my soul felt so much luck. 
then i realized it wasn’t luck at all,
but a status i hoped would be met. 
now i’m full of grace and truth and light,
my longing - i crave at sunset.


i live in colorado, where the mountains swoon me in and have been a huge part of this story of mine. i began sharing my writing a few years back when my heart felt more ache than it could handle - writing has been this sense of release for me ever sense, an escape for my feelings to make sense, and a connecting piece in so many ways! writing is now a ministry for me and i am making my way toward self publishing this year - all for love, with love, and because of love.