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Update No. 3


Morning Air, Morning Light is officially available for preorder

For the past three years, a bevy of my creative attention has been devoted to the collecting, writing and editing of this piece. Morning Air, Morning Light is a poetry collection with words stitched together depicting a sequence of events: memories recorded, experiences documented, restoration tangibly read. This tiny book holds all the moments I felt pulled to press to paper, the words that saved my life.

Revelation embarked while writing and healing was tangibly held in the palms of my hands, though conceived through simple obedience—placing my pen to paper. 

The collection is comprised of four chapters: Nightfall, Lavender, Golden Gaze, and the title chapter, Morning Air, Morning Light. In anticipation for the book’s release, a poem from each chapter has been paired with a film in collaboration with Elizabeth Miller, with music created by my talented husband, Ricky Smith. These videos will be released throughout the progression of this month, leading up to the launch. 

Morning Air, Morning Light can be preordered here and will be released on September 5, 2018. On this date, I will be performing several of the collection’s poems at a Listening Party and will be selling and signing copies. 

I haven’t kept a regular cadence of updates–rather relaying a sporadic script of status regarding my debut poetry collection, but you can find the other posts regarding its progress via Update No. 1 and Update No. 2 (you'll find that I was wildly off my timeline). 

To help spread the word of the Morning Air, Morning Light movement, join our Launch Team or preorder a book for you and a friend! The ultimate vision is to be able to share this simple healing and hope to those that find themselves within a void, offering a small drop of tranquility to exponentially expand into overflow.