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Joni Bonney is a dear friend of mine. We connect weekly over muggy cups of tea and read excerpts of books aloud to one another. She is my counterpart in co-hosting Poetry Nights, and we are currently planning another for July. She truly emulates the heart of Christ in every fashion; she's always reminding me to be mindful, for gratitude abounds when mindfulness is held. These virtues are laced into her writing and linger in my mind for days. 


by joni bonney

Existence, experience and the need to feel.

Interlaced progression

Underneath my calm state of being.

I see myself as a memory
Dancing in the fine lines that show across my cheeks.

I see myself hidden in the evergreen
Invisible to what I could previously see.

Brushed up gently to everything that could be.

Instinctively melting into you.

Soft conversation and slow-paced walks
Stirring connectedness.

Whispers and hair brushed delicately to the side of my shoulder.

I can breathe easy
I inhale the breath you have exhaled.

Out of nothing, I am created once more.
Fostered by love.

Focused on a time and a place

I exist in the moments between rain storms.
Slowly, I allow my face to soak.

I lift my arms and finally live in all corners of myself.
Drawn in, graciously, no part withheld.

Undergoing a change in speed, but not in direction.

Deconstructing habitual motions.
Extending my exposure.

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Joni Bonney's goal is to spread love and to emphasize the beautiful things that we miss most of the time in this life.

She grew up on the East Coast and is now living and growing in Nashville, Tennessee, and always planning trips to places around the country. She walks forward as a wanderer through this lovely journey called life and hope to grasp all she can. 

Joni is the author of
Songs of Her, and her work can be found through her site, Lovely Wanderer