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Tiger Lilies and Love Letters


Cheyenne Raine is a contributing author to Introspective Collective. We often email each other alternatively, with this poem landing in my inbox. I received it on a particularly rough afternoon, one in which didn't conform to time's calculated temperament. I retreated to a separate room during my work day, and soaked in the words. I cried honest tears from the genuine love stitched into these letters. I pray they speak to you, as they've spoken to me. 

Tiger Lilies and Love Letters

a bundle of tiger lilies fall asleep
when the moon rises.
i do believe you would like
to rise, early, with me,
and walk outside,
barefoot and sleepy
to see how the sun's fingertips
slowly open up the orange petals.
they open so gently, light spilling
into their core.

i wish that i could gather
more than tiger lilies
and fresh sage, for you.
i wish that they could be tucked into brown paper bags
and kept fresh on a road trip to you. left at your doorstep
with the smallest of letters that whispers:
today you are a bundle of joy, to me.
so, here is a bundle of joy, for you.


Cheyenne's books are available on the 'Books' page with a link to order on Amazon (charcoal thunderstorms pictured), and she's currently working on a special bilingual poetry collection!