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Marya Layth is an author I stumbled upon through an acquaintance. She is the author of More Than Bread, stunning poetry collection that I acquired through a free Kindle promotion, and then promptly ordered a paperback for both me and my sister. She is a creative of several mediums, words being one, but also illustrations. With a myriad of talents, we welcome Marya Layth to share her beautiful words that will be included in her upcoming poetry collection, releasing 2019, Hadal and the Daystar.


by marya layth

Hail Marys rain from my mouth
as I write about the storm
I was born to bear.

It drowns the parts of me
still learning
how to swim.

So, I hold on to this poetry like driftwood,
because it is stronger than I will ever be

and carries this twin tempest with a grace
I always seem to just fall short of.


Marya Layth is a writer and artist driven by the desire to fill empty spaces with meaning—an obsession that leads her to the blank page and canvas time and time again. Marya has found refuge and strength in creativity since childhood; using it as a means to combat chaos and a tool to express the power of love.

Her words can be found on her Instagram, with her art soon to be accessible through her environmentally-friendly shop, The Poetic Forest.