Introspective Collective
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stories built in moments like these


This piece is full of power. Read it, and then read it again.

stories built in moments like these

by Cheyenne Raine

• • •

i’ve been building stories, you see,
the kind where the sea splashes up against
the stone walls with a crashing sound— the sound
of the wind roaring into an open window
as your car rushes down the highway.

the kind where sirens are lullabies
without fires and tears, without such urgency,
a lull, my hand swaying from the edge
of the bed, where imagination begins
to doze off into dreams i vaguely recall.
like bathing in milk
or a tub full of roses.
sometimes, i think these stories are meant
to stay in your eyes, where the stars
do this funny thing, twirling around
and you are dazed. wandering far.
i’ve no map to reach you,
just a song that my palms
cannot carry for too long—
mostly, we share this tiny speck of a second
when the moon is rubbing its eyes and the sun
is tossing about, that is where i build the stories,
in these moments with you.

and i think a part of you will always be lost,
the long nights when everything is too quiet
but i take you with me
wherever i go, nothing is left behind,
perhaps you are just hidden, a shadow
resting its chin on a fingertip,
a warrior living in a castle made of driftwood.