Introspective Collective
a collection of letters




I’m currently in Colorado Springs, on the last day of my solo writer’s retreat. I’m been learning new techniques, vocabulary, art history; I’ve been experimenting with different writing styles to expand and stretch my creativity.

I thought that I would try my hand at some stream-of-consciousness writing–where the words are written without any structure or punctuation. It’s a pure way of writing. The words just simply are.

• • •


The mountain town welcomes me with snow capped peaks and a cafe serving decaf coffee with a french couple chattering beside me my high school mind picks up on a few words they speak and how they spill onto this paper and are carried past the botanical and butterfly posters out the wide open door on the bright blue tempered day and though my reason for this visit is to retreat and write it really was predestined so I could reconnect and reopen my mind to the spontaneity and surprise that plays sweetly through song and through the cherry blossom blooms against the heavens and all the while I look back out towards the horizon and see the snow capped peaks