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Perhaps Tomorrow


Perhaps Tomorrow is a poem with intentionality laced within its contents. The paired photograph portrays an ethereal nostalgia; I truly believe the power of poetry and photography can bring forth emotion in such a unique way. Join me in welcoming Lou to the Introspective Collective guest author community, with this stunning work.


Perhaps Tomorrow

By Lou Faber

• • •

tomorrow will be the day
when on stepping
out of bed
I will step out
of my body.
I will go into
the garden and pick
a chrysanthemum,
two daylilies, two 
or three Echinacea,
and odd bits
of reed and green.
I will take my ikebana dish
and stare at it
imagine each flower
just so, or so, or so.
Only when they
sing in harmony
do I place them
into the dish,
and step back
into my body.
I hear the garden
mourn the missing
blooms as I
remember my faded
childhood and walk
off toward noon.

Perhaps Tomorrow .jpg


Louis Faber is a poet and retired attorney and college literature teacher, residing in Rochester, New York and Coconut Creek, Florida.  His work has previously appeared in Exquisite Corpse, Rattle, Cold Mountain Review, Eureka Literary Magazine, among many others, and has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize.  His book of poetry, The Right to Depart, was published by Plain View Press. He blogs daily at

Photography is by Farrah Emami.