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Northern Lights Over Yellowknife


Adrian Slonaker uses imagery and diction in a way that evokes an intimate experience with nature, particularly the Aurora Borealis. Reading this poem has me eager to plan a high-latitude excursion to catch this poetry play out in person. Let’s welcome Adrian and this beautiful piece to the Introspective Collective community + collection.

Northern Lights Over Yellowknife

by Adrian Slonaker

• • •

Dazzling, zigzagging zests
of pearly-soft seafoam green, gracing
the homecoming of starlit blue-blackness
after its estival escape,
vibrating through shivery September air
over the delicious undulating dances of
the Great Slave Lake flirting with
defiantly rough noses, teeth and fingers of rock,
the pride of the Canadian Shield,
and more poplars and birches and willows than could be counted
in a score of tortoise's lifetimes.

Zigzagging back and forth across the Canadian/US border, Adrian Slonaker works as a copywriter and copy editor and enjoys folk music, elderflower soda, spicy food challenges, wrestling and vintage suspense films. Adrian's work has been nominated for Best of the Net and has appeared in Pangolin Review, Aerodrome, and others.