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honey sunset


I'm so honored to have Cheyenne be the first writer to share their words on Introspective Collective. I met her through a web of mutual poetry contacts online and connected instantly. Cheyenne is always pulling warmth and bliss into her writing, reminding me that there is beauty amongst every scene. I'm drawn to her dreamy diction she weaves into her poetry, the all-lowercase letters, and her golden heart. She's currently collecting donations for a raffle for The Rape Crisis Center; I'd encourage you to visit her site and donate if you feel drawn to do so. 

honey sunset

by cheyenne raine

summer sun, fingertips curling
around the soft underbelly of clouds
that taste of cotton candy
and honey glazed pillows.
sometimes, i lie down in the grass
and the sun drips over my skin,
warmth. warmth. warmth.

what is yellow and tart?
my love for the open road,
where highway winds tangle
my hair and my laughter.
where rolled down windows
take the music on the radio
and my voice away (perhaps,
they go to a castle in the clouds).

i like thinking of the constellations,
summer sun faded in the afterglow of the dusk—
wait here, i whisper, let me gather the sky into my palms,
watch it spread and settle against my heartbeat.



Cheyenne Raine is a creative in all aspects of the word–from writing, to crafts, projects, design and much more. She loves to drink tea and read/watch anything with horror and thrills. She's passionate about healing, chasing all things lovely and blissful and resides in San Antonio, Texas.

Her work (including two poetry books!) can be found on her
Instagram and website