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My Dreams


Dominique Rispoli is a bright spirit. She writes to us from Wilmington, Delaware, where the yellow spring bedstraw and white clover bloom. I'd highly recommend reading her work on Hello Poetry. I'm honored to share her words on this site, with this piece titled, My Dreams. 

My Dreams

by dominique rispoli

You only visit me in my dreams
Soft, the outline of you hazy
Whispers and shadows
We waltz around each other
Twirling, you hold me close
Ornate designs on the walls
And a sparkling crystal floor
The scene shifts and we are in a meadow
you put a flower behind my ear and grab my hand
Pulling me close and planting a kiss on my forehead
Suddenly, the world melts away and I am awoken
I am left with only a feeling
An echo of you
And as my memory of us together fades
I start my day with a murmur of your presence surrounding me
And holding me


Dominique is a 21 year old poet & vintage clothing shop owner. When she is not writing she is either eating pasta, watching too many old movies, or dreaming of Disney World.

She currently resides in Wilmington, Delaware, with her words accessible through her Instagram, The Little Dove poems