Introspective Collective
a collection of letters




A short and sweet poem by Mark J. Mitchell pours out feelings of familiarity. It swells in my mind, allowing me to look out towards the horizon and reflect on how I spend my days, hours, minutes.


By Mark J. Mitchell

• • •

Nostalgia rains across split light.
Days drop to one side or the other
like rivers divided by a ridge.

Evening hovers beyond the gate.
It will finally arrive once
you’ve spent blinding hours looking west.

Mark J. Mitchell’s latest novel, The Magic War is published by Loose Leaves Publishing. He studied writing at UC Santa Cruz under Raymond Carver and George Hitchcock. His work has appeared in the several anthologies and hundreds of periodicals. Three of his chapbooks— Three Visitors, Lent, 1999, and Artifacts and Relics—and the novel, Knight Prisoner are available. He lives with his wife, the activist Joan Juster and makes a living pointing out pretty things in San Francisco.

Photography by Farrah Emami.