Introspective Collective
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End Still


I wrote this poem late last year, during a time where the hurt from family health issues weighed heavy on my heart. It was birthed out of the need to process, pen to paper, the hurt but recognizing that beauty still survives and thrives around us. That sometimes the best healing is staying in stillness. The photo that Farrah paired together brought me to tears. It reminded me of this once again - that everything is temporary, but the bird’s song still sings.

End Still

By Regan Smith

• • •

The fall birds congregate in the trees,
greatly outnumbering the barely-shaken leaves.

Their rainstick roar
reminds me that everything is temporary,
nothing is fixed—
and that observing holds a special freedom.

The air is so beautiful here.

Stay still, saturate,
and hear their song.

End Still

Photography by Farrah Emami.