Introspective Collective
a collection of letters


Calming the Current


n o v e m b e r 1 2

These past few months, I’ve waded into still waters; slowly slipping into a silent shadow. Being less visible and more intentional: cutting out television, fasting social media, reading more books.

Capacities have fallen from the sky, pooled together. They’ve collected, causing a great current. I’ve been fighting this flood. Drained from the time poured into my creative ventures, work, responsibilities, steady schedules shaken up by bi-weekly travel. Worry-water drips from my eyes. My muscles are sore from straining against. Body weak. Weary. 

This cyclical circumstance reins familiar, and I pause to take a breath. I can be calm, continuously penning alongside the current’s capacity. I hold quiet dreams in my heart, learning to be okay with the plethora of journal entries that hide between the bindings of my notebook. I separate my worth from my works, my words. 

I’m seeking strength within this silence, finding boldness in grace. My everyday endeavor is to avoid the restlessness, and search for softer moments–to simply be in silence and let it soak into my skin.

There’s growth in this, too. 

I’m leveling into a less loud presence, allowing undivided attention to others. I’ve been repeating the same scriptures, rather than rapidly reading though. Praying throughout the day, reading the little written whispers listed within the margins of paper. I’m taking gentle action from simplicity. Learning to let go of all worry and to hold tightly to truth.

I’m learning to serve others well. To be soft with myself. 

To rest.