Introspective Collective
a collection of letters




This poem is a part of the Sister Series, a series of celebrating individual women and sharing their beauty through poetry.


By Regan Smith

Bright red lips,
beneath the summer sky;
her children–
two sweet girls,
hair tied in otter buns,
explore the earth,
their friendship,
their sisterhood.

The boy with round cheeks,
bounces on her hip;
how can a newborn child
be filled with such joy?

She sits on the grass,
and pulls her baby boy closer.
the sun beams on
the nape of her neck
as she listens to the words
spoken within.

Her gentle voice
she uses to call to her children,
her partner,
is a voice full of power.

When she herself was created
in the womb of her mother,
gifts were woven into her very fibers:
her strength found in softness,
passion for justice,
and love love love for the
hurting hearts around her.

She is a child of the most high–
the daughter of Compassion,
Tenderness, and above all