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a list for the moon


Raine has recently reached motherhood, alongside the growing baby and her belly, her writing has become more refined. ‘a list for the moon’ is in my top three poems sweet Cheyenne has written.

This poem really pulls at my senses; it gives me comfort. It takes me out of my mind and connecting with the moon–connecting with the night sky.



a list for the moon

by Cheyenne Raine

• • •

a list of times i have fallen in love with the moon:

- before the sun climbs into the sky, and a sliver
of lavender lays against the horizon,
the moon still grey as ever.

- when the harvest comes
and yellow tints the moon,
autumn brushing through the leaves.

- driving through my neighborhood
at three in the morning, peeking up
at the almost full moon,
wondering why the night couldn’t last
just a little longer.

- watching a storm off in the distance
the moon unfazed
the city receiving lightning
the sea calm and untouched.

- the moon’s reflection in the water,
milky crests finding their way
back into dark shades of blue.

- scribbling words under porch lights
and talking to the moon
when i couldn’t find the words.

- snapping a photo for a friend,
because their sky was cloudy
but mine was clear,
and the moon is always
such a lovely sight.



Cheyenne Raine is a contributing author to Introspective Collective; illustration by Regan Smith.