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Update No. 2


Morning Air, Morning Light: Update No. 2

I’m nearly finished a large fraction of my forthcoming poetry book, Morning Air, Morning Light. As I was writing the initial chapter, I found that it was necessary for me to take time to cope, time to heal, after writing some memories. Uncovered were some wounds that I thought had been healed that needed additional care. I mentioned a bit of this struggle I encountered when I first attempted to tackle this chapter, within Update No. 1. Successfully finishing this chapter has been very challenging but eye-opening in the best way. 

I visited my family in Colorado a few weeks ago; this is the environment where majority of this first chapter takes hold. It was a bizarre feeling. It was as though I was a third-party onlooker—towards a scene of a familiar setting, yet I was displaced.  Although I did grow up within this area and lived here for majority of my life, but my perspective has changed so drastically.  I no longer feel as though I’m connected or rooted within its soil. The air lingered the same way, the mountains were still a rocky red with pines scattered across its crown. Everything seemed the same, I am just different.

Now that I have been wrapping up this portion of poetry, I anticipate exponential progression to arise. Extensive essays have been already penned for the proceeding chapters, awaiting revisions and updates. Some of these letters shared on Introspective Collective will make an appearance, but will be re-worked and revised. They will be interlaced with new knowledge I've stumbled across, in both the literary and perspective sense. 

I have recently been traveling through these stories stage-by-stage until completion, which has proved more effective in pursuing development. This has been immensely encouraging and entices so much excitement. Those that have written a book may know—it is a long, patient process. 

I thank you for checking in on the development of Morning Air, Morning Light. I can promise that this momentum will continue to build—blocks of time are designated specifically for this project amidst my 40+ hour work week. This is also why there has been such an absence in letters posted, but I thank you for continuing to follow and check up despite the drought of activity. I thank you, reader, for being here.

The best is yet to come.