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Update No. 1


Morning Air, Morning Light: Update No. 1

I have begun writing the first chapter of my poetry book—Morning Air, Morning Light. Although this book will contain a few pieces that remain accessible through this site, I have begun delving deep into dark times I’ve experienced in the past to compose this initial chapter. 

As I’ve been writing these lengthy poems to depict the earlier stages of my life, I notice that they spill onto the paper without reservation. The words bring me back towards memories that I’ve blocked out and play like a dark, painful parody within my mind. 

I revisit the recollections that have been quarantined. Each word penned tears away an unyielding nail from the boards which hide away an abandoned door that I rarely acknowledge. 

These experiences are raw and honest, evoking emotions that I haven’t endured in years. Although it’s almost unfathomable that this was at once the present time, I would have never expected my current state to be so vastly different. Embedded in my life now—a wonderful husband and family, supportive friends and a God that is ultimate—was a foreign thought in my previous condition. 

Through these poems, I am able to uncover the beauty of progress and healing. I am able to write through these distressing flashbacks without being overcome with anxiety. This is because I know that there is a God with overruling grace who provides comfort through any situation. 

Regardless of the grief and despair that’s exposed to me while writing these memories, with a solemn heart I will share them with you. They may be soothing words to your wounds—the areas within your mind that you rarely visit due to bitterness, anguish or anxiety. I am reminded that my words may be another’s healing, and that is more than enough encouragement to press forward. 

Morning Air, Morning Light will be available in Winter of 2017. Until then, I will maintain my letters and notes (as well as some status progression updates) through this site. If you feel drawn to catch these posts, I’d encourage you to enter in your email through the “Subscribe” block towards the bottom of this page. As always, reader, thank you for letting me share my heart with you.