Introspective Collective
a collection of letters


Water-Streaked Window

A break within my afternoon, in the midst of the a foggy drizzle, I am given an opportunity to pause and reflect. Even though it seems as though my body has turned blank, contemplatively calm, this is when my thoughts are able to erupt and outpour. Buried beneath the depths of my mind, I’m lost within this whirlpool of thought. 

Routinely, I go about my days and take notice of circumstances that remind me of others, memories that slip out through various forms. There are the ideas that peek within my thoughts, but are silenced due to prior commitments of the day. Flashes of distress triggered through words, or healing that is tangibly recognized. There are thoughts reminded by the subconscious realization linking to a slumbered image experienced within my youth. Creativity, shapes and colors coat the insides of my mind. Even within the nighttime doze, every minute is crowded with hallucination. 

During this intermission is when I am able to digest and decompose this introspection. Today, this interlude transpires in the form of a coffeehouse I nest within this afternoon. For although my pen is low in ink, here I write—liberating the commotion of my mind. 

This is when I can provide these thoughts with identity and deduct their derivative. For I’ll nurture the words written, for they bring growth. They develop restoration, release contentment, and stimulate encouragement into my life. I analyze my thoughts through the devotion of words imprinted to paper—but also through the reading interpretation of the depiction itself. The thoughts, poetry and development are all intertwined—running together like this water-streaked window.

These thoughts and practice may be overwhelming at times, but the creation of poetry and sharing experiences through words is a gift I have been given. Transferring thoughts into tangible form glides smoothly, almost fluid. 

And now I share these pieces with you, reader. These letters and notes are the thoughts that have stained my mind, spouted onto the pages and bred discovery. As you browse these letters, I pray that they resonate with you; that these realizations that have altered my life will prove pleasurable to yours too.