Introspective Collective
a collection of letters


What Awaits


I’ve resided within Nashville for an entire year this weekend. This time has sprinted past me, with the frequent change of the calendar’s months. Swiftly taken, I have been encouraged to grow in many aspects rapidly—utilizing all circumstances for a self-reflective glance with an unfiltered view.

Outpouring over the edges with enlightenment, this growth is the introspective iris—the persistent perennial. It inspires evolution within other aspects of my life, nurtured and guided from prayer to practice.

I look back on this growth fondly. For even my daily life has taken this impact and morphed a different shape. Patience is no longer a struggle and peace is much more prevalent. I’ve been able to become intentional with others and collect thoughts from various individuals. Through both readers and outside thinkers, ideas have sprouted and actions have developed. This advocacy has vastly altered my perception to where all previous mindsets are a foreign former self.

For this past year’s unfolding is in such magnitude that it's almost tangible. For this has been so elaborate, that I know the triumph which awaits will be staggering. I will strive to forever be open-minded in recognizing my flaws; engaging in altering my perspective for His purpose for my pen.

This is what awaits—a future of freedom, continued growth with many more foggy mornings of self-reflecting.

I appreciate you for being here with me today, reader, taking some time to read through this brief letter. I ambition my words to take physical form, looking to finish my first book early next year—with its publication in your hands in the latter of 2017.