Introspective Collective
a collection of letters



There are periods within our lives where patience is forced upon us. I currently reside in these hazy mornings of pause; I find that these moments evoke an array of emotion and thought.

The wind cannot be coerced on a calm day, nor can hot water be boiled solely from desire. Often, I find that even the Nimbostratus clouds are transparent, unable to drown out the rays of the sun. Once I became sober to the poetic posture of this state, I was able to recognize that these lapses within living are intentional. I think back to Emerson’s essay, Nature, and know that even the forests speak to the apparent beauty within tranquility.

This revelation of staying within the quiet resonates; it seeps like lavender tea—strong yet gradual, saturating my thoughts. In these moments, I am introduced to realignment, proportioning my precedences. I embrace this and continue to ponder upon it while I watch the sun rise and sip my tea. Recollecting what’s internal, I bring thought to priorities and their significance, for they have been made magnified during this occasion. When we are overwhelmingly occupied, this act is often overlooked. I recall what I savor and the natural practices I partake—reevaluating what has been manifested. I balance its magnitude—to decipher and develop, continuously growing even in this state of stillness.

This aurora exposes matters which foster restoration. This patience has encouraged peace, devoting time towards identifying thorns and its process of plucking them from my flesh. Focused forgiveness of myself, and others—truly understanding the progression of relief. This is a topic in which I could pen for hours, but those are letters read on a future date.

The future will be rapid but since I have realigned myself, I know that no compromises will be taken. Even during the dawn, as this current outlook overturns towards the next, this sequence has transitioned me gracefully towards the sunrise.

This expands the hope and anticipation possessed. For I am rejoicing towards the future, even if I am waiting within today. This is the foggy dew with its crisp humidity. By choosing to become saturated with this stillness—this serenity has become as sweet as honey, balanced with the tranquility and calmness of chamomile.