Introspective Collective
a collection of letters



We hum through the day, until the next sun rises. The beginning was a beautiful Black-Eyed Susan, warm and familiar. We were amidst the summer’s breeze, bedded by the green grass which supported our backs. We felt the gentle caress of the solar rays, kissing our faces with freckles. Within your arms, we could adventure together with ease.

Then it felt like a memory, fading away like melting wax. Brooding over the blank, our narrow scopes grasped onto displeasure and emitted offense. Like the seasons, I’d gradually step in and out of the vile, diluting the sweet drops of honey he spoke. My grief was his defeat, swelling the disputes until apologies were interchanged.

That was until autumn arose within me, an awakening of shedding the old. I know my love’s intention and I know his heart—always overflowing and pouring out in love. Our ambitions mirrors the other's, to have the complete love we have circulate through the other's mind. Rather than adversaries, we are advocates for each other.

Life is honey but sometimes we just choose to see the stinger.

For I know when the sun retires for the day, that regardless of any opposition—we will be tucked together beneath our crisp white comforter. We will be dozing off to the hum of the other’s heartbeat. Considering that this is the daily conclusion, I embrace the surrender of these oppositions. This burden is then dismissed and I'm able to breathe freely.

I am able to see through towards his intent, soaking within the nectar of his notions—knowing that his only desire is to love me to his fullest capacity. We are able to disagree without distress, discuss with only delight. Our individual minds contain so much beauty in their diversity, yet together we are a colony.

We are able to drift in conversation, harmonizing with the autumn breeze while witnessing the abstract hues of the trees from our hammock. From dawn to dusk, we only pursue the acknowledgement of the other’s appreciation.

Because now, we are the honeybees amidst the marigolds. We dance together aligned with the sun, our minds parallel with intention.