Introspective Collective
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We are currently accepting poetry and prose submissions, thank you for considering this site to share your art!  

We accept all formats of poetry and prefer first-person prose, but will consider all prose pieces. Nature, mindfulness, gratitude and wonder are current themes that are strongly encouraged. 

  • Piece must be longer than 10 words, but shorter than 1,700 words

  • Pieces cannot be written with contents that may be triggering for sensitive topics, sexual/explicit acts or terms

  • Up to five pieces can be sent with a single submission for poetry; two submissions for prose

  • If the work has been published before, no problem! We are looking for your best work, and don’t mind if it’s already been published elsewhere (as long as you, as the author, have full publishing rights).

When filling out the form below, list all pieces within the 'Message' field.

All submissions will receive a confirmation email, regardless of acceptance status. We aim to send you an email within a month timeline, but often much sooner. When a piece is accepted, additional information may be requested (including bio, photo, etc.); upon publication, all rights are reverted back to the author. 

*Once there have been four published or queued works on Introspective Collective, the author becomes listed as a 'Contributor'.

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Format: Piece's title, text Be sure to notate between pieces if submitting multiple works.
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