Introspective Collective
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We are currently accepting poetry and prose submissions, thank you for considering this site to share your art!  

Pieces' theme should be authentic and have a perspective of encouragement and not contain sexual/explicit acts or terms. We accept all formats of poetry and prefer first-person prose, but will consider all prose pieces. Nature, mindfulness, gratitude and wonder are current themes that are strongly encouraged. 

  • Piece must be longer than 10 words, but shorter than 1,700 words

  • Pieces cannot be written with contents that may be triggering for sensitive topics

  • Up to five pieces can be sent with a single submission

When filling out the form below, list all pieces within the 'Message' field.

All submissions will receive a confirmation email, regardless of acceptance status. When a piece is accepted, additional information may be requested (including bio, photo, etc.) Upon publication, all rights are reverted back to the author. 

*Once there have been three published or queued works on Introspective Collective, the author becomes listed as a 'Contributor'.

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