elizabeth miller

Elizabeth Miller is an independent filmmaker, based in Boston, Massachusetts, who strives to create creative content in a variety of forms. Interested in fashion and journalism, Elizabeth seeks to share new, compelling creations that encourages the audience to think and generate meaning. With aligned vision, she share stories that are fueled by creativity and the unique perspectives that we all possess. 

Elizabeth's pieces can be viewed through her YouTube channel.  


joni bonney

Joni Bonney's goal is to spread love and to emphasize the beautiful things that we miss most of the time in this life.

She grew up on the East Coast and is now living and growing in Nashville, Tennessee, and always planning trips to places around the country. She walks forward as a wanderer through this lovely journey called life and hope to grasp all she can. 

Joni is the author of Songs of Her, and her work can be found through her site, Lovely Wanderer


cheyenne raine

Cheyenne Raine is a creative in all aspects of the word–from writing, to crafts, projects, design and much more. She loves to drink tea and read/watch anything with horror and thrills.

She's passionate about healing, chasing all things lovely and blissful and resides in San Antonio, Texas.

Cheyenne is the author of two books, charcoal thunderstorms and maroon daydreams. Cheyenne's work can be found at the Raine Poetry website. 

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