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morning air, morning light

by regan smith

Morning Air, Morning Light is a collection of poetry–solely letters and spaces on paper. The words weave together depict a sequence of events: memories recorded, experiences documented, restoration tangibly read.
These are the moments I felt pulled to press to paper, the words that saved my life.

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by cheyenne raine

charcoal thunderstorms is a collection that dances with a more youthful and adventurous escape of poetry. the book has eighty poems divided into five chapters and six short stories and tales. the paperback version allows for the reader to create art within the pages where the poems dwell. there is an art to loving a storm, here is where it begins.



Songs of her

by joni bonney

Songs of Her is a collection of short poems split into five parts. It is a story about life, trials, and triumphs of a girl growing more into womanhood, her relationship with the world and others in it. It is a story of learning, forgiveness, and acceptance. It is specifically geared towards life as a woman and celebrating each part of a woman's beautiful intricacies. Nature and the experience of life are also explored in this collection.



Maroon Daydreams

by cheyenne raine

maroon daydreams is a collection of poetry that dives into experiences of healing, living life, daydreaming and all the aftermath of decisions we make and wishes we chase after.