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Pine Needle Promise


This is the first video crafted, shared on this site. I thank the very talented, Elizabeth Miller for providing such vision and beauty to these spoken words. This video is a matchless first fit for a featured collaboration, with the words scripted below the embedded video. 

Pine Needle Promise

Tangled and thought,
coursing through chaos.

Calamity taunts time,
as the present passes.

I pause;
each pore raises from my skin,
mirroring the distant mountains.

I ascend with open eyes,
a virtuous vision.

An emerald iris is matched with mine,
the evergreen.

I met with the parade of the pines promise,
poised in the palms of the pine needles.

Piercing my mind,
honesty and authenticity—
winter to lungs,
spilling a sappy fragrance into the forest.

I get lost here.

I freeze with the winter crystals,
as the frost flowers,
tangibly touching time.

I trace gratitude through antlers angles, 
pivoting my perspective.

Wonder covers,
a sweeping snowfall—the future fluid,
rolling over rocks.

As the wind wraps my ears,
biting each breath,
I hold this harmony, 
and find freedom with each unfolding.


Poem, written + read: Regan Smith
Short film, directed + edited: Elizabeth Miller

Starring: Lauren Wang
Music: Devotion (Instrumental) by Skies Speak - Testament


Elizabeth Miller is an independent filmmaker, based in Fort Collins, Colorado, who strives to create creative content in a variety of forms. Interested in fashion and journalism, Elizabeth seeks to share new, compelling creations that encourages the audience to think and generate meaning. With aligned vision, she share stories that are fueled by creativity and the unique perspectives that we all possess. Elizabeth's pieces can be viewed through her YouTube channel here