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Chapter Three - Golden Gaze


Golden Gaze. This is the third chapter in the poetry collection Morning Air, Morning Light. This is the chapter in which holds shining embrace, highlighting progression. It’s the warm sun’s rays sinking into skin, the golden gaze that settles and soothes the spirit. 

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b r e a t h i n g

Sipping in a slow, billowing breath; 
lungs savoring every bit of oxygen, inflating my lungs.  

My inhale is a strong wind which catches each fragment of thought–
the fragrance of the early morning,
intertwines with the soil’s saturated aroma,  
laced with the wild marigolds. 

They hang thick within the air, 
a gale swirling,  
and with a pause– 
allows all to float and settle in my sternum, 
a scene set solely for the chickadee’s chatter.

The deep exhale, 
completely clearing, wholly ventilating, 
exuding all. 

This is clutter that does not correlate, 
I notice how each piece of lingering thought is expelled. 

Soothed and still, 
encompassing balance
mind and body relaxed.



'b r e a t h i n g'   a c k n o w l e d g e m e n t s

Starring // Chloe Corbin
Written + read // Regan Smith
Film // Elizabeth Miller
Music // Ricky Smith
Mixed // Jeremy Claudio