Introspective Collective
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Chapter One - Nightfall


Nightfall. The initial chapter in Morning Air, Morning Light, depicts the dark. It's the blood that turned to sludge in my veins, the haunting memories, the darkness, awaiting to be contrasted with light. 

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s u d d e n l y

I see it replay. 
A cinematic horror. 
I wonder when the memory will fade, 
for it is as vividly paralyzing, 
as that night itself.

Constrained to my subconscious, 
itching for an escape.

's u d d e n l y'   a c k n o w l e d g e m e n t s

Starring // Lauren ‘Yuki’ Wang
Written + read // Regan Smith
Film // Elizabeth Miller
Music // Ricky Smith
Mixed // Jeremy Claudio