Introspective Collective
a collection of letters


Chapter Four - Morning Air, Morning Light


Morning Air, Morning Light. This is the title chapter of the poetry collection; this is the chapter in which renewal has abided to fruition, where alacrity ensues my lungs with the bright and biting air that only arises within the morning. It is the new beginning, the gentle hues of the sunrise, the promise. 

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a u t h e n t i c   v e r i t i e s

Surrounded by incredible love, 
just as the sun shines within the day–
as beautiful as the morning’s aurora. 

More encompassing than the skin wrapping our bodies, 
or the blood within our veins. 

More bountiful than the
leaves, needles, buds, blooms. 

Steadfast like the mountains fastened into the earth. 

Just as the east meets the west,
never ending yet marrying at every point. 

Given to each of us, 
and all of us.

'a u t h e n t i c   v e r i t i e s'   a c k n o w l e d g e m e n t s 
Starring // Zoya Emami
Written + read // Regan Smith
Film // Elizabeth Miller
Music // Ricky Smith + Jeremy Claudio
Mixed // Jeremy Claudio