My name is Regan Smith—I am a poet, a wife, a sister, a traveller. I am constantly locked inside my mind growing and curating ideas. I cycle and filtrate these ideas, converse and observe. I believe in investing in individuals, for the beauty of the human race is that every person has a life as diverse and experiences to share. 

I am a consistent over-thinker, with a patient husband (Ricky) and a very wonderful family. My siblings are my closest comrades and my largest advocates. They have helped influenced, supplemented my growth and continuously do so. 

I participate heavily in handlettering as well as painting. I reside in Nashville, TN and always love hosting out of town visitors and exploring the hidden pockets in the city. 

I sip on chamomile tea with a dollop of honey, read Ralph Waldo Emerson's essays and write letters in my loft illuminated by natural light.

I hope what you read sits and stays in your mind, and that you feel comforted and understood. Inviting you, reader, into my mind and what resides—opening new outlooks into your life and the discussion of such things.

If you'd like to get in contact with me, you can definitely do so through the 'Contact' page.