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regan noelle smith

professional bio

Regan Smith is a writer and poet based in Nashville, Tennessee. Raised in a small mountain town in Colorado, she left her home on a whim and began writing in a suburb off of Columbus, Ohio. Regan hosts monthly write nights and readings at her home. She also has been growing her craft of spoken word poetry within the city and assists with poetry workshops for younger writers. She is a soon to be author of her forthcoming poetry collection, Morning Air, Morning Light. 


personal bio

My name is Regan. I am a creative writer and poet living within the thriving city of Nashville, Tennessee alongside my sweet husband and min-pin mix. Ever since I was young, I was always looking inward, viewing life through an introspective lens. As I've grown older, I've documented this trait from every perspective and stitched it together through poetry. The words I've written have offered such raw realizations and revelation. That's why I'll forever write my words to paper–I'd just like to share them with you, too. 

I also have a yearning to piece together other writers and creatives within our community and share their works, which led me to open up this site to become a true collective of individuals sharing their talents–an incredible gift. 

Thank you, reader, for spending some of your day to scan these words. I hope that you find comfort webbed together through these words, creativity encompassing and the love poured into each creative piece.